Frequently Asked Questions

What amount can I get financed?
This depends on a number of things, including but not limited to:

  • What kind of vehicle you’re looking for
  • What your credit rating is (remember we specialize in bad credit and no credit!)
  • Your monthly income

When looking for a vehicle, remember to think smart about your monthly payments. You want to be able to keep paying on your loan even if you hit hard times so it is important to find something that falls within your budget.

When will I know if I am approved or not?
Many times we will have an answer almost immediately. If not, it means we are still working on your application and you just just hang in there until we can let you know. We work with all types of credit and have lending solutions for everyone. In the unlikely event it's been over 72 hours, there could have been something wrong with your application or it may have been incomplete. If this is the case, please wait 30 days and apply again.
How long does the application take?
The entire application only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Please read the application carefully and make sure you complete everything on it. This will insure better success!
I have bad credit or no credit, is this going to deter me from getting a loan?
Absolutely not! In the automotive loan industry there are different types of lenders. There are lenders that only deal with good credit and only sign very few loans. There are lenders that deal with all types of credit, but often times have hefty finance charges. Then there’s us, we work with every type of credit and constantly compare interest rates among other providers finding you the lowest interest rate for your loan.

How much does it cost?
The application is free and there are no document fees through us. We do a very high volume and in turn can offer free reviews for our customers.
I'm looking for a certain vehicle, is that ok?
Yes, you choose your vehicle! What is the point of car shopping when you can’t pick the car love? With us, you do the research and you pick the car you want. Again, remember to pick something that falls within your budget to avoid defaulting on your loan if you hit a bump in the road.

What if the vehicle I'm looking at is pre-owned?
We love pre-owned vehicles. They are often much more affordable and attainable than a brand new car. With pre-owned vehicles you can get all the bells and whistles you want while not paying that huge price tag. Often times, you can get a model that is 2 years old for a fraction of the original price! We always recommend a warranty, which will give you peace of mind in case something does happen to your car. This will help you keep paying your loan on time instead of spending money on costly repairs.
Will this loan improve my credit if I pay on time?
Yes, your credit will improve if you pay on time. Better yet, after a year you may be able to get an even lower interest rate if all of your payments are on time. If you have bad credit, paying your loan on time can take your credit score up into the next level in a very short time!
I'm worried about sending my personal information over the internet, is this website safe?
We understand your concern and we’ve taken precautions to make this even safer than applying at a bank! Your information is not stored after we review your application. Your information is also encrypted with 128 bit SSL. That means if someone wanted your information, it would take them almost 2.8 million years to get it because its encoded into trillions of characters. Now, does that sound a little bit safer than a bank passing your application between desks for weeks?

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